5 Reasons Why You Need Fat - October 12th, 2011

5 reasons why you need fat

Reducing dietary fat can help reduce your cholesterol levels and lower your risk for heart attack and stroke. Keeping a slim waistline is important for living a long and fruitful life.

With regular exercise and a sensible diet, you can burn off the excess fat clinging to your butt, thighs, and arms, and start looking as great as you feel.

By limiting the amount of dietary fats you consume, you can be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. However, there are risks involved with extreme all-or-nothing diets that have you cut out fats completely. Despite its unpleasant ability to cause your skin to hang loose, fat is essential for a wide variety of bodily processes, and cutting it out completely can cause some serious health risks.

5 Reasons Why You Need Fat

1. Proper Mental Functions: Your brain needs fats such as omega-3s and omega-6s to produce hormones and function properly. Research has shown that fatty acids are essential for insulating nerve cells in the brain and allowing for proper communication between neurotransmitters. Studies have linked low-fat diets with depression and mood swings, and those who are deficient in omega-3s may develop cases of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and even eating disorders.

2. Healthy Cholesterol Levels: Just as trans and saturated fats (bad fats) can increase your likelihood of heart disease and stroke, good fats such as polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats can decrease it. A diet too low in fats cannot maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Fatty acids such as Omega-3s can raise HDL levels of cholesterol to protect the heart against disease.

5 reasons why you need fat3. Nutrient Absorption: Your body needs 6 essential ingredients to stay healthy: protein, carbohydrates, water, fats, vitamins and minerals. Some vitamins such as A, D, E, and K need fat in order to be utilized, and it is essential for healthy cell growth and repair.

Extreme low-fat dieting usually involves cutting out carbs, proteins, and fats – which essentially robs your body of everything it needs to survive A diet high in carbs can lead to diabetes while a diet high in protein can lead to osteoporosis and liver problems. Instead, moderation is the key to success, and that celebrity endorsed diet is simply a scam to steal your money.

4. Well Balanced Diet: Eating a well-balanced diet is essential for keeping slim and trim, and healthy food choices would include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. However, not all foods are as nutrient rich and calorie friendly as spinach or celery, and unfortunately, foods claiming to be “low fat” or even “nonfat” often contain more calories than their fatty original.

Additionally, fat adds flavor can trigger feelings of fullness at the end of the meal. Without dietary fats, your body will still think it’s starving no matter how many carrots you consume. Low-fat diets are difficult to stick to, and in the end, your appetite may get the best of you.

5. Decreased Risk of Cancer: Just as having too much fat can increase your risk of heart disease, having too little fat can increase your risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancers. To keep your immune system working at its best, be sure to include Omega-3s into your diet. This healthy fat can inhibit the rate of prostate tumor and cancer cell growth, so you can live a longer, healthier life.

Keep the Weight Off

colonetixOf course, just because your body needs fat to stay fit, doesn’t give you an excuse to eat all the french fries and hamburgers you want. Staying slim has its own benefits.

Reducing dietary fat intake is but one of many ways to help trim down and lose the weight. If you’re looking to fight the fat without putting your body at risk, then you may wish to consider using a colon cleanser instead.

For the industry’s leading colon cleansers, you can read more information at ColonCleanser.net.

By eliminating harmful toxins and waste from your body, you can revitalize your body and lose those extra pounds naturally and safely. Colonetix is an advanced colon cleansing formula that contains a wide variety of healthy fat-fighting fibers such flax and buckwheat that can lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease.

African Mango Weight Loss Supplement - May 23rd, 2011

african mango
What is African Mango?

African Mango is our generation’s miracle fruit. The seeds in African Mango are used in many formulas to help lower cholesterol which has been proven to assist in weight-loss. Most studies have found that on average, users will lose between 12-13 pounds in 8 weeks just by using African Mango extract as part of their diet.

In supplementation, African Mango is better known by its Latin name, Irvingia Gabonensis. Irvingia works by secreting a hormone in the brain called Leptin. Leptin is the chemical that makes you feel full. So working as an appetite suppressant, Irvingia can help users reduce their overall caloric intake—it’s simple math. Lesser calories equal less fat storage.

Irvingia works on another facet of health as well. It has been clinically tested again and again as a cholesterol supplement. The high fat content of Irvingia Gabonensis seeds (what leptin is created from) draws cholesterol out of the blood, unclogging arteries and lowering body-fat content overall. The implications of this find are voluminous.

It has also been related in tests on patients suffering from diabetes and obesity, helping them get a grip on their conditions like never before. In most cases, an African Mango diet pill has been found to detoxify the system, which also assists in all aspects of health, such as skin conditions, liver function, and digestive issues. Irvingia is a great overall health supplement.
Top African Mango Supplement

There are many products on the market right now featuring African Mango. Our number one recommended product is IrvingiAppress, a highly potent blend of Irvingia Gabonensis and Green Tea extract.

Studies show that combining these two powerful ingredients creates the perfect synergistic blend of elemental nutrients that targets body toxicity, and fat storage. Green Tea has been a proven fat-fighter and antioxidant for centuries.

Green Tea works by increasing the body’s core temperature, increasing metabolism which burns more calories. The more calories you burn—the more fat you will lose. There are numerous chemical properties in green tea that help fight carcinogens held within the body’s fat tissue.

Getting Started

The overall health benefits to IrvingiAppress are unstoppable, and the implications backed by hardcore science is proof enough the these elements should be part of your daily diet. To start losing weight with this African Mango supplement, buy IrvingiAppress today!

Shed the Pounds - March 3rd, 2011

People work their tails of trying to lose weight. They pour in big-time effort yet still get little results. But what if there was a way to put in a little effort and for big-time results?

Well there is. Dieting gurus and weight loss experts are coming up with simple way to shed the pounds every day. As long as you have the right goals, weight loss can be simple and stress free. The secret is forming several new, though little, habits that will help you lose weight in a big way overall. Here are a few tips on some little things you can do to slash that fat and get looking lean.

Never Eat Fast Food
Though you may like the taste, the fastest way to getting fat is fast food. The portions of food are too large, soda is basically liquid calories, and fried foods are nearly impossible to burn off. Fast food offers almost zero nutritional value so the body is hungry again 30 minutes later. If you’re someone who eats out regularly, I bet you could drop 10 pounds in a month but dropping fast food altogether.

Get Full . . . of NUTRIENTS
Chomping on junk food and cookies might help you feel full for now, but their low nutritional value is really starving you of what you need. To feel full longer you’ll need nutrient dense foods. Instead of eating bread, try eating complex carbohydrates like vegetables. Go organic, try to eat locally grown produce for the best nutritional value possible. Just make sure that what you take into your body is what it really needs.

Get Hydrated
We’ve all heard that we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Have you ever wondered why? Well according to one study, not drinking enough water will inhibit your metabolism from burning calories by 2%. Another study showed that drinking 6 cups of cold water specifically can help you burn and extra 50 calories per day. This may not seem like a lot but over the course of a year, 50 calories a day is 5 pounds.

Using this tip will help you effortlessly lose weight overtime. If you’re in a crunch though, and need to shed some pounds quick click on the following link for best way to lose weight fast.

Diet Pills That Actually Work For Long Term Weight Loss - August 5th, 2010

You can lose weight fast with many different products. There is more than one product out there that would like to gain your business with ridiculous claims of losing something like 20 pounds in a week for the average consumer. Of course, the more common claim would be 7 pounds in 7 days. And if you are using cleansers and other ingredients that could detoxify, this could be somewhat plausible. But they are far more likely to use a bunch of diuretics and really nothing else! But there are diet pills out there that can promote fast weight loss. The question is, will they promote the lasting weight loss that most are looking for when they search for diet pills that actually work?

There are many different diet pills that can help you to achieve results. Frankly speaking, a diuretic may promote fast weight loss. But unfortunately, the results will not actually last. Luckily, there are also fat burners that can help you to achieve better results. There are appetite suppressants that can help you to achieve fast results if used in the right amounts and combinations. The difference with these is that the results are actually sustainable and they will last. You are getting rid of fat and not water weight or something else that could quickly come back.

Another thing to watch for when you are looking for diet pills that actually work would be detoxifiers and cleansers. There are some of course that claim to be detoxifiers but are not. And there are some that will only end up causing more side effects than anything else. But there are also diet pills that actually work out there with the real detoxifying ingredients and the real amounts. There are some that will cause no side effects, and when you eliminate pounds of toxic buildup, it can stay off.

Discount checks - February 19th, 2010

Now when it comes to discounts, now is the best time to get them. I wouldn’t necessarily order checks in bulk, because just like anything else, you don’t necessarily need it in that great of bulk, and if you lose bulks of checks, that is unfortunately a bigger deal than for example if onions go bad because you bought a million of them on a killer deal. This in mind, there are discount checks available out there, and if you order checks from the right place, you can get the better deals. This being said, the question is, where can you count on to get discount checks realistically? Are these legitimate in general?

If you go through the right website, oftentimes you can order checks at considerable discounts. There are a number of different sites that have cheaper prices, they have greater deals, especially for multiple purchases, they offer you options and designs. But they don’t actually have the prices you would expect for that.

If you use these companies to order checks, you can pay a fraction of what you would at the bank, and you can get better results in terms of the pictures and otherwise that you actually want. With these companies, you can get discount checks that look and feel like luxury checks, and while they may just be pieces of paper you are giving away anyway, many of us like them to be personalized, and ultimately speaking, discount checks don’t have to be what they used to be anymore.

Maxoderm Instant Male Enhancement - January 28th, 2010

Maxoderm is one of only a few supplements to not only claims to provide you with male enhancement, but instant natural male enhancement. They claim that you can apply it and seconds later feel the difference and otherwise be able to perform, asking yourself, are you a Maxoderm man? Well, with so many out there and so many scams out there to be more specific, you have to ask yourself, will Maxoderm actually work?

Maxoderm is apparently approved by a physician, or in other words, they have actually paid a physician to supposedly give you that kind of recommendation. So does Maxoderm work in under 60 seconds? The reality is that if they were to use caffeine, obviously caffeine increases blood flow and stamina when used internally speaking. However, it has been shown in certain coffee scrubs and otherwise to also increase blood flow when used on the outside.

This being said, you look at the actual ingredients, and while they do have some ingredients that are good for the skin, they don’t really promote greater sexual enhancement. The reality is that grape seed oil is rich in antioxidants and rosemary is rich in essential oils which have antiseptic properties for example. But that has nothing to do with male enhancement, let alone instant male enhancement.

Ironically enough, the one ingredient that would really help you is the one ingredient that they don’t have. Externally speaking, they have a bunch of essential oils and other skin healthy ingredients mixed with a number of potentially irritating fillers. But they do not have caffeine or anything that would increase blood flow or otherwise contribute to greater results at all. So obviously, it won’t live up to its instant male enhancement claims.

However, while it may not provide results in 60 seconds, there is a product called Orexis that I would recommend. Orexis has clinically proven ingredients for sexual health, prostate health, and natural male enhancement. So I would definitely check that out instead.

Yoga For Weight Loss - July 23rd, 2009

Last month I went to my first yoga class ever. Wow!  I’m excited to get better, and was surprised at how much it worked out my body.  I was a little nervous about looking stupid so I took a spot in the back of the class.  Of course when the instructor asked who was there for their first time and I raised my hand, she made me move to the head of the class!  I’ve always been somewhat flexible, but my balance has never been all that great. 

We started by easy stretching and then did something called the “Lord of the Dance pose.”  I know I looked funny wiggling all around as I struggled to hold my leg up behind my head and look forward all at the same time.  The Sphinx pose was pretty easy, just laying on your tummy and then bringing your head and upper body stretching up with your elbows to the floor. 

When I saw my instructor do a Firefly pose, holding your body up on your hands with your legs stretched out forward in the air I worried that I had come to the wrong level of class.  Then I realized the instructor was pregnant!  Oh my goodness, I guess I will just have to keep practicing.  I have to say that I really enjoyed it though, and it was very relaxing.  I’m going to keep trying and hopefully get better.

Raw Food Diet - July 9th, 2009

There is sense behind the raw food diet.  Raw foods help you to achieve greater results, because they have more nutrients than you might otherwise expect.  It doesn’t make as much sense to some, leading them to cook many of their vegetables.  That is not to say that if you cook them they are completely devoid.  In fact, many of them hold many of their nutrients.  The fact is just that they do lose many of their vitamins, antioxidants, and even fibers if you cook them for too long.  So a quick steaming is best if you are going to use it that way.  Of course, not cooking them at all would be the best possible option. 

You get the greatest nutritional benefits, cleansing benefits, weight loss benefits, and simple energy content if you eat them raw.  This is why so many have chosen the raw food diet and continue to do so, and it is why so many continue to see success.  These will give you the nutrient dense and even negative calorie benefits you need to some degree, and when used with an otherwise healthy diet and exercise program, you can achieve greater results in weight loss and otherwise than you would otherwise.